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Our Values

Restorative Practices Community

Hope Academy is a Restorative Practices Community (RPC).  Our aim is to build proactive relationships with parents, students, community and each other in order to foster an environment of accountability, growth and fairness. As a RPC, our staff is brave enough to manage conflicts and tensions by employing fair process, the psychology of affect and the restorative practices continuum.  We consistently use affective language that teaches empathy, sets boundaries and provides feedback.  We manage conflicts and tensions by using affective questions that promote deeper thinking, reflection and accountability.  Finally, we incorporate proactive circles as a means to build community that creates safety, equality, equity and connection.

Educational Beliefs

Children are happier, more cooperative and more willing to make positive changes in their behavior when those in positions of authority do things with them rather than to them or for them.  High Expectations produce achievement.  Learning occurs best when each student is active in a positive, academically challenging environment.All children have value and are able to learn with appropriate support. Learning is maximized through the development of self-worth and pride and achievement. Self-disciplined students are productive students. A successful teacher motivates, encourages, and values the worth of every student. Instruction should motivate, encourage curiosity, develop interests, and foster a positive attitude learning Goals and expectations need to be clear and consistent for staff and students. The school environment should be caring, comfortable, and safe. The school improvement occurs when the faculty, parents, and community are committed to quality education